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Licensing of Safety Critical Software for Nuclear Reactors

Common position of seven European nuclear regulators and authorised technical support organisations

1.1 Safety Demonstration

1.2 Classes, Categories

1.3 Reference Standards

1.4 Pre-existing Software

1.5 Tools

1.6 Organisational Requirements

1.7 Quality Assurance

1.8 Security

1.9 Formal Methods

1.10 Independent Assessment

1.11 Graded Requirements

1.12 Software Design Diversity

1.13 Software Reliability

1.14 Use of Operating Experience

1.15 Smart Sensors/Actuators

2.1 Computer Based System Requirements

2.2 Computer System Architecture and Design

2.3 SW Requirements, Architecture and Design

2.4 SW Implementation

2.5 Verification

2.6 Validation and Commissioning

2.7 Configuration Management

2.8 Operational Requirements

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